segunda-feira, 28 de maio de 2012

To you

Perhaps one day, we'll be too late...

We all have things we wish we said before,
some of us are still in time,
others, well, we just realised too late...
So it doesn't matter to me if i'm in time or too late,
I just have to say it.

It didn't hurt me that much the way things went down,
the thing that hurted the most was,
you went from everything to nothing to me.
We don't talk anymore,i know nothing about you anymore,as things changed, you changed along with them.
You're just never here, at all.

And for that,
you did leave a hole in my heart!

Wish you the best, honestly.
Perhaps that day, was yesterday.

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Secreta disse...

Sometimes that's the only way.

Secreta disse...

Será que me podes facultar o teu email para enviar convite? Privatizei o meu blog e apenas leitores convidados poderão ve-lo.

Obrigada :)


Unknown Artist disse...

Enviado :)

Secreta disse...


Anónimo disse...

Muitas saudades...muita vontade do teu abraço...fazes-me tanta falta, até para chorar...não esta facil e contigo longe esta muito mais dificil!!!!Gostava de voltar atras..mas isso já não dá!