terça-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2010

Palavras escritas editadas e misturadas

I never thought,
that beneath such a fragile appearence,
could be hidden the strongest feeling.
You made me dream low, so i don't fall high,
taught me if I want to touch the sky,
I'd better first learn to fly.
You guided me in this maze life is,
gave me strength to win my wars,
and step by step, reaching the stars.

Everytime that I felt broken,
you kept my book wide open,
I shared my endless pain,

you made me smile again.
I was confused,
you showed me the way,
I wanted to leave this world,
and you made me stay.
I am the wind,
you are my north,
I keep on fighting,
because you make it worth!

I'm not afraid to drown,
because you're the air I breathe,
I'm not afraid of the dark,
because you make me shine,
I'm not afraid of death,
because you're the life in me.
01-06-2008 / 12-01-2010

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