domingo, 14 de setembro de 2008

Gone away

I saw the sun from your eyes,
From that reflection I saw you,
I saw the core of you,
I couldn’t believe that it was true,
I’ve fell in love with you…

A cold impression in your lips,
I’ve felt the life in you fade,
The dark clouds are coming, from the horizon,
And I knew then they are coming, to take you away…
You know my soul,
is with you today!

3 comentários:

C.B. disse...

Makes me feel the true meaning of far,
And it makes me realize the loneliness,
That keeps rising in my heart,
Bringing me down deep in my core,
And I can’t fight it,
Cause the only thing I’ve got,
it’s the empty spot you gave me ,
when you left me and run away…"

Distance, by Davide Pinto

Annie disse...

Andei a dar uma vista de olhos no teu cantinho e gostei. Desculpa a invasão. :x *

Libelinha disse...

Quero desaparecer agora...
Quero aparecer num sitio bem diferente deste, um lugar só meu. Onde não hája pessoas, onde não hája nada.
Quero viver no meu paraíso.

Amei o teu texto :)